Top Paid Chicago Athletes

Chicago is known throughout the world for its frigid winters and authentic pizza restaurants. Another thing that makes Chicago unique is its competitive ball teams that employ some of the top paid athletes in the world.


From top players in baseball, basketball and ice hockey, Chicago team owners pay hundreds of millions of dollars to their top athletes to ensure that the teams remain competitive. Here is a list of the top 10 paid Chicago Athletes.


  1. Dwyane Wade

This defensive powerhouse is a veteran shooting guard for the Chicago Bulls. As the franchise player of this team, Dwyane Wade earns approximately $23 million dollars as a base yearly salary to play for the Chicago Bulls. This amount does not include the millions that he makes from endorsements and bonuses.


  1. James Shields

As the starting pitcher for the Chicago White Sox, James Shields is paid well to pitch lightning fast balls. He has been in the league since 2000. James Shields earns a cool $21 million dollars from the White Sox organization.


  1. Jon Lester

Hailing from Washington state, Jon Lester began his baseball career in 2006 with Boston Red Sox. Over a decade after his first pitch in the major league, he earns approximately $20 million dollars pitching for the Chicago Cubs.


  1. Jimmy Butler

In 2011, Jimmy Butler was selected as a first-round draft pick for the Chicago Bulls. As the premier shooting guard and small forward for the Bulls, he is a top producer on the team. For his services on the court, Jimmy Butler earns about $17 million dollars per year.


  1. John Lackey

John Lackey is a starting pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. Since 2002, he has played for the Anaheim Angels, Boston Red Sox and Saint Louis Cardinals. His current salary is $16 million dollars per year.


  1. Jay Cutler

Although Jay Cutler is currently a free agent, he was the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears during the past season. He collected $16.4 million dollars for his time on the field.


  1. Jason Heyward

Jason Heyward is the player with a million-dollar swing. As a right fielder with the Chicago Cubs, Jason Heyward is a fan favorite. At 27 years old, he has over 106 home runs in his career. He earns $15 million dollars each season.


  1. Rajon Rondo

As the point guard for the Chicago Bulls, Rajon Rondo is responsible for running the team’s offense. He is an NBA All-Star who earns $14 million dollars a year.


  1. Jonathan Toews

Jonathan Toews is the current captain of the Chicago Blackhawks. He has been a professional hockey player for over a decade. Jonathan Toews earns $8 million dollars a year not including bonuses and product endorsements.


  1. Patrick Kane

As a right wing for the Chicago Blackhawks, Patrick Kane is a sensation on the ice. Throughout his professional hockey career in the NHL, he has played in the Windy City. He earns approximately $7 million dollars a season.


Not only does Chicago have some of the nation’s most competitive ball teams, it has some of the highest paid athletes in the United States.


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